ROME, 2018/04/20, ROME, 2018/04/21


ROME, 2018/04/20
Late Czech cardinal bids farewell to Rome
Cardinal Josef Beran’s final wish is being granted: he will be buried in his homeland.Read more
The wind blows off pope’s skullcap in Alessano
April 20, 2018. Georg Gänswein calmly reacted and picked it up from the floor to return it to him.Read more
Pope in Molfetta: the Eucharist is the ‘trademark’ of the Christian
April 20, 2018. “Do I give in my life that which I receive at Mass?” he asked.Read more
Pope in Alessano: “If war generates poverty, poverty also generates war”
April 20, 2018. He visited southern Italy to remember Bishop Tonino Bello on the 25th anniversary of his death.Read more
LIVE: Pope celebrates Mass in Molfetta, where Tonino Bello was bishop
April 20, 2018. The ceremony begins at 10:30 a.m. and at noon the pope will return to Rome.Read more
LIVE: Pope visits Alessano to commemorate 25 years since death of “bishop of the poor”
April 22, 2018. Bishop Tonino Bello is known for his pastoral dedication and works of peace.Read more


ROME, 2018/04/21
Pope Francis to ordain 16 priests on Sunday
April 21, 2018. On the fourth Sunday of Easter, the Church traditionally prays for vocations worldwide.Read more
How papal trips and large religious ceremonies are organized
April 21, 2018. A new book was compiled by 14 experts who participated in World Youth Days and World Meetings of Families.Read more